Small Animal Ultrasound Services

Abdominal Ultrasound
This service includes a full abdominal ultrasound with assessment of findings and basic care recommendations. The report for this is generated at the time of the ultrasound.

Basic Echocardiogram
This service includes basic 2D imaging with M-mode and Doppler studies. ECG and blood pressure evaluations are not included.

Ultrasound-guided fine needle aspirate
This service will be provided at the time of scan(s). Patient preparation should include a platelet count, preferably a full CBC.

Ultrasound-guided Tru-Cut Biopsies
This service will be provided only after adequate patient preparation has been performed, including: platelet count (preferably full CBC), coagulation times, and sedation/anesthesia.

Owner Consult / Consultation with an owner
Upon request Dr. Morris will meet with the patient’s owner directly.

After a full review of the medical record, a physical examination of the patient, Dr. Morris is available to discuss her ultrasound findings.

A written summary of the case with detailed recommendations for further diagnostics and/or treatment will generated at the time of the scan(s). The turn-around time for the written report is 24 hours and is emailed.

About Dr. Morris

Dr. Anita Pratt Morris graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2000. She did an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital. She has been practicing in the Upper Valley for over 15 years.

In 2013 she received her certification in small animal diagnostic ultrasound and echocardiography from the International Veterinary Ultrasound Society. The certification program requires demonstration of competence and knowledge in small animal diagnostic ultrasound imaging, expertise in image interpretation and case management.

Currently she serves on the IVUSS Executive Board and is the Certification Committee Chair.

Dr. Morris has a Esoate MyLab 30 machine with 4 probes that she can bring into your hospital to do abdominal ultrasounds, echocardiograms as well as other advanced diagnostics.

Member of the International Veterinary Ultrasound Society

Client Testimonials

Dr. Anita Morris has been ultrasounding cats and dogs for us for the last 2 years.  We have been pleased with her quick response, not only with normal scheduling but also with emergencies. She always goes the extra mile, like researching a case when appropriate.  Her previous experience as a general practitioner helps her to provide practical advice, while her internship training helps her to provide more in depth information.  Her manner is excellent with both the technicians and animals.  In today’s world it is a pleasure to work with someone who is such a nice person and takes such pride in her work. I would whole-heartedly recommend Anita Morris.

Christine Pinello, MS, DVM, CVA

River Road Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Morris’ mobile ultrasound services have been valuable for our practice.  She is a prompt communicator, able to come when we need her.  Her scans are thorough and reports are issued promptly.

Katie Evans, DVM

Lyme Veterinary Hospital

Our clients and doctors have really appreciated the mobile ultrasound Dr. Morris offers at our practice. Her ultrasound technique is gentle, thorough and accurate.  Her reports are prompt, and her case advice helpful.  Most importantly we are confident that we are not sacrificing quality when our clients elect not to travel to a specialist for their study.  Being able to offer a  local ultrasound option has allowed our clients access to this valuable diagnostic test when they are not comfortable leaving the familiarity of their local veterinary office.

Anne M. Carroll, DVM, CVA

Chelsea Animal Hospital

Frequently Asked Questions

What should the client expect 
when their pet has an ultrasound exam?

They should withhold food for at least 8 hours prior. And they should be advised that their pet’s ventral abdomen or/and chest will be shaved (see appointment procedures). Having the client present is not encouraged since it will likely slow the exam and distract the sonographer from completing a thorough exam. But if the client insists then please discuss this with Dr. Morris prior to the exam. Exceptions may be made to accommodate your client.

How long does the exam take to perform?

Most echocardiograms and abdominal sonograms are completed in approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

Where should the exam take place in my practice?

A room that can be darkened without interrupting your normal workflow; such as, a spare exam room, surgery room, Xray room or treatment area.

Is sedation or anesthesia needed?

Generally no. We find sedation rarely necessary. If patients are aggressive or unusually anxious then injectable sedation using, for example, Butorphanol (0.2mg/kg) and Acepromazine (0.02mg/kg) IM or IV will be enough to take the “edge” off the nervousness and allow a thorough sonogram. Fractious or aggressive cats will usually need at least Midazolam (0.2mg/kg) and Buprenex (0.01mg/kg) IM. Injectable sedatives or gas anesthesia (Isofluorane) are often used for the majority of the ultrasound-guided biopsy procedures. The duration of this biopsy procedure is approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

Will my staff need to help hold?

Yes, we will need one staff member with animal restraint experience.

Who interprets the ultrasound findings?

Dr. Morris is an IVUSS certified clinical sonographer; she interprets her own exams. Should a cardiology consult be required and or desired, then referral to a cardiologist is recommended. Unusual findings may be reviewed by another experienced sonographer before a final report is completed.

How soon will I get a written report?

Dr. Morris's ultrasound reports are emailed within 24-36 hours of the exam.

What does an ultrasound-guided Tru-cut biopsy entail?

The pet is placed under light anesthesia/ heavy sedation for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. The biopsy is performed while the structure to be biopsied and the biopsy needle are simultaneously visualized sonographically. Activation of the color flow Doppler system allows for visualization and thus avoidance of nearby blood vessels. It is a very precise procedure and quite safe. A normal coagulation panel including a platelet count should be confirmed prior.

What does a fine needle aspirate (FNA) entail?

Often FNA is performed using a 22g x 1.5inch needle, usually without sedation. A normal platelet count should be confirmed prior.

When should I request a FNA vs. Tru-cut biopsy?

In general, FNAs are requested when you suspect a mass, cyst, abscess, free fluid or abnormally enlarged organ suggestive of infiltrative disease. A FNA is a safe and inexpensive means to collect cells to be prepared for cytological interpretation and for culture/MIC.

FNAs are often obtained from abnormal liver, spleen, lymph nodes, intestinal masses, pancreas, adrenals, prostate and unknown abdominal masses. These aspirates can provide results that help diagnose and direct treatment of the patient. Results are proportional to the quality of the sample and the degree of exfoliation from the lesion. Some lesions fail to give up their cells. Keep in mind that FNAs do not provide information regarding structure of the tissue sampled. Sedation is often not needed for FNAs. The site should be shaved and cleaned with alcohol soaked gauze wipes.

Tru-Cut biopsy is usually requested when a FNA sample was not cellular or a larger tissue sample is needed to demonstrate tissue structure in pursuing a definitive diagnosis of non-infiltrative diseases involving the liver; such as, Hepatoma vs. Heptocellular carcinoma vs. Early cirrhosis vs. Chronic hepatitis vs. Microvascular dysplasia vs. Copper storage disease. In renal disease it is less often requested in private practice to define the cause of chronic renal disease; such as, interstitial nephritis, chronic glomerulonephritis and amyloidosis.

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